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Travel Ideas Best for snorkeling

Travel Ideas: Best for snorkeling

Lily Beach Resort & Spa

16 dives sites wihtin 25 minutes transfer. 50 within 45 minutes. Superb house reef a few meters away from the beach. Padi instruction centre. Courses in different languages including French.

Aqva Infinity pool
Aqva interior
Aqva pool decks
Beach Villa exterior
Beach Villa terrace
Beach Villa interior
Deluxe Water Villa bathroom
Bathroom at sunset
Deluxe Water Villa
Deluxe Water Villa terrace
Deluxe Water Villa deck
Deluxe Water Villa sea view
Deluxe Water Villa exterior
Deluxe Water Villa bathroom
Deluxe Water Villa pool deck
Deluxe Water Villa bedroom
Deluxe Water Villa view
Hotel aerial view
Lily Beach Resort & Spa
Tamara Spa
Lily Beach Resort & Spa
Beach view
Quiet moment
Water Sports
View from the sea
Kids' playground
Invitation to nap
Lagoon Villa bath
Lagoon Villa bathroom
Lagoon Villa exterior
Lagoon Villa exterior
Lagoon Villa bedroom
Lagoon Villa room
Lagoon Villa at dusk
Lagoon Villa - cocktail hour
Lily Maa buffet
Lily Maa restaurant
Sunset Water Suite
Sunset Water Suite
Sunset Water Suite exterior deck
Sunset Water Suite view
Sunset Water Suite interior
Sunset Water Suite pool
Sunset Water Suite bath
Tamara Spa - evening
Tamara Spa
Treatment room
Tamarind Restaurant
The Spirit bar
Tamara Spa - Treatment Room
Beach & Sunlounges
Aqua Bar - Pool Deck
Aqua Bar - Pool
Aqua Bar - Infinity pool
Beach & Sunlounges
Aqua Bar - Dining
Aqua Bar - At dusk
Family Beach Villa - Connecting door
Family Beach Villa - Twin
Beach Villa
Beach Villa - Interior
Deluxe Water Villa - bedroom & deck
Deluxe Water Villa - Bathroom
Deluxe Water Villa - Bedroom
Deluxe Water Villa - Entrance
Deluxe Water Villa - Entrance
Deluxe Water Villa - Plunge Pool
Dhoni & Reef
Deluxe Water Villa - Entrances Pontoon
Hard Coral & The Island
Restaurant - La France - Terrace
Restaurant - Lily Maa - Buffet Decoration
Restaurant - Lily Maa - Dessert Buffet
Restaurant - Lily Maa - Starters Buffet
Restaurant - Lily Maa - Table Set Up
Restaurant - Lily Maa - Fish Live Cooking Station
Lily Beach Resort & Spa - Lounge
Lagoon Villa - Exterior Bathtub
Lagoon Villa - Bedroom
Lagoon Villa - Deck
Reef & Island
Lily Beach Resort & Spa - Reception
Tamara Spa - Entrance
Tamara Spa - Jacuzzi
Tamara Spa - Massage
Tamara Spa - Reception
Tamara Spa - Relaxation Area
Tamara Spa - Relaxation Lounge
Tamara Spa - Welcome
Spirit Bar - Interior
Spirit Bar - Deck & Ocean
Sunset on Water Villas
Sunset Water Suite - Lounge
Sunset Water Villa & Coral Patches
Sunset Water Villa & Coral Patches
Restaurant - Tamarind - Entrance
Restaurant - Tamarind - Sunset
Restaurant - Tamarind - Wine Display
Restaurant - Tamarind - Table for Two
Restaurant - Tamarind - Outside Table
Restaurant - Tamarind - Interior
Vibes Pool Bar - Pool
Vibes Pool Bar - Interior
Vibes Pool Bar - Dining
Vibes Pool Bar - Entrance
Water Villas & Reef
Sunset Water Suites & Reef
Welcome Drummer
Tamara Spa & Reef