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Chiang Mai, the Rose of the North

Chaing Mai, titled “Rose of the North” due to its grace, is the center of northern Thailand and is deemed as perhaps the most beautiful city of the country.  Additionally, the region has its own special appeal:  Buddhist temple complexes, undisturbed nature, and the traditional Thailand are also here waiting to be discovered.   One extremely enchanting spectacle is the annual festival of lights, Loi Krathong, found every November in Chiang Mai, where hundreds of lanterns are released into the night sky.

Climate Chiang Mai

Great all year round...

As rainfalls shower different regions at different times of the year, one can go to Thailand all year round.
Thanks to the Thai-Birmanese Tenasserim range, rain comes at different times on the Western and Eastern coasts of the Malay peninsula.
Bangkok is an idyllic place to visit all year round – apart from April and May when it is very hot. From November to April, Southwestern Thailand (for instance Phuket and Khao Lak) offers sun and pleasant temperatures (around 30°C).
Koh Samui and Southeastern Thailand are pleasant places all year round, although short and strong showers these regions in November and December. But it is always warm since the sun is never far away.
In Hua Hin, beaches are partly flooded in August and September. Bathing is then restricted to swimming pools.