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One island, many worlds...

Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, south of India. It is a marvelous island due to the variety of landscapes, cultural attractions and kindness of its population. Beatiful long beaches with palms, superb ruins and temples, the famous tea culture, amazing wild-life and particularly elephants, trains to be experienced, great food and finally welcoming and smiling people.

We fell in love with Sri Lanka and are happy to propose tailor-made individual tours. The pricing in Sri Lanka is very attractive thus ensuring a very high value for money. Sri Lanka is a superb destination to visit anytime during the year. If you are looking to discover this destination, don't hesitate to discuss with one of our specialist which will design a Sri Lanka tour according to your wishes.
If you just want to relax by the sea, we will be happy to offer you one of our hotels in Sri Lanka.

Climate Sri Lanka

Good all year-around

Low Lands - tropical, average 27 ° C
Central Hills - cold, with temperatures dropping to 14 ° C.
The southwest monsoon brings rain to the western regions, the south and the center from May to July, while the northeast monsoon is from December to January. Sri Lanka climate is ideal for vacationers throughout the year. It will be advisable to favor certain regions according to the season.