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Seychelles, Another World

Visiting the Seychelles is an experience. The natural beauty of the islands covered with tropical vegetation, the pristine water, the white sand beaches and their smooth pink granite boulders make it a true vacation paradise. Nature and beauty are everywhere and the perfection of the hotels and service surely add another dimension to this very special destination.

Climate Seychelles

Good year around destination...

The Seychelles have a tropical climate (air temperature throughout the year varies between 24 and 30°C) and a high humidity level (around 75 %). The best season to stay in the Seychelles goes from May/June to October, i.e during the Southeast monsoon ; air temperature is then around 27°C. During the Northwest monsoon (April to November), the temperature is 30°C and air humidity is higher, with strong and regular rainfalls. November, December and January are very rainy but there are also strong and short showers throughout the year in the Seychelles.

Visitors will put in their luggage light and easily washable summer clothes, a rainjacket and a pair of good walking shoes for excursions. Sunglasses are also necessary. It is recommended to wear plastic shoes when swimming to protect from coral. Exclusive and hotel restaurants expect men to wear longer pants for dinner.