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Mauritius, Jewel of the Indian Ocean

Large white sand beaches, pristine waters, a sun-lounge in the shade of swaying palms and a sun gently warming your skin is a typical vacation in Mauritius. The "jewel of the Indian Ocean" is a perfect destination for beach lovers, divers and golfers. The year long warm climate and year-around constant water temperature is an invitation to relaxation, water sports and diving. The hotels are gorgeous and hospitality unique.

Climate Mauritius

A warm subtropical climate...

It is useful to know that the seasons in the southern hemisphere are the exact opposite of ours.

There are basically two seasons in Mauritius :
- The weather is warm and rainy from December to April
- The weather is pleasant and drier from May to November

Let’s say that the weather in Mauritius is rather pleasant all around the year. The daytime temperature varies from 22°C during the Mauritian winter (our summer season) to about 31°C in summer. The sea temperature varies between 22°C and 27°C. In addtion, Mauritius has micro-climates which means it could be raining hard on one coast and be very sunny on another one.

January and february should be avoided as they are usually rainy and even if Mauritius is outside of the cyclones belt there is a risk during this time of the year.