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Maldives Hotels & Maldives Travel

The coral islands of the Maldives are like green and white beads scattered in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives are the epitome of beautiful island vacation without constraints. This paradise on earth attracts visitors from all over the world and amazes them with the beauty of its sites and underwater world. The hotels presented are of very high quality and offer facilities and services at the highest level.

Si vous décidez de choisir un hôtel aux Maldives présenté chez Voyages Exotiques, vous avez l'assurance que l'un de nos agents a évalué cette propriété. Nous n'intégrons dans notre catalogue que des hôtels de haut niveau ce qui ne veut cependant pas dire qu'ils ont tous des tarifs très élévés. Les hôtels aux Maldives proposés ici vont du 4 étoiles plus au 6 étoiles.
N'hésitez pas à demander à l'un de nos spécialistes Maldives de vous conseiller; vous passerez ainsi des vacances dans un lieu qui correspond à vos attentes et à vos critères de selections.
Nous sommes amoureux de la destination Maldives et de ses hôtels somptueux et nous saurons vous faire partager notre expérience.

Above and under...

Scuba Diving

1. Scuba Diving

The Maldives has some of the best dive spots in the world. Many visitors come to the Maldives for the sole purpose of diving. All featured resorts have professional dive schools and conduct courses for beginners as well as advanced.


2. Snorkeling

Many of the resorts have excellent house reefs. A short swim from the beach and snorkelers can experience the variety of the Maldivian underwater world.Eagle rays, stingrays and even mantas, morays, turtles, lion fishes, parrot fishes, scorpion fishes, frog fishes, cleaner stations and reef sharks can be usually seen.

Island hopping

3. Island hopping

Experience the beauty of many islands while travelling on a small “dhoni” (local wooden boat). Stops are made to enjoy the different resorts and to see the various flora and fauna, or walk the beaches, trek through the forests or enjoy the setting sun.

Seaplane flight

4. Seaplane flight

A seaplane is the best way to see the country. Seaplanes can accommodate 20 people and the views of the atolls and the white sandy beaches of the islands are simply fantastic. If you book a hotel which is further from Male (main city and international airport) your transfer might be done with a seaplane. Gorgeous views are garanteed!


5. Fishing

Amazing fishing in the Maldives!There are many type of fishing in the Maldives. Inshore, offshore, light tackle, heavy, popper, jigging, fly fishing, trolling...Gear needs to be medium to heavy as you never know what you will catch. 80lbs braided line is recommended for any jigging attempt.

Sailing & Surfing

6. Sailing & Surfing

The beauty of the ocean, atolls and lagoons as well as the great weather make the Maldives an ideal place to sail and surf. The maldives offers in the north and south atolls high quality sites to catch nice waves.

Whale and dolphin watching

7. Whale and dolphin watching

Maldives ranks among the top five places in the world to watch whales and dolphins. Most resorts will arrange for morning or afternoon excursions.

Submarine trip

8. Submarine trip

The Whale Submarine, the world’s largest tourist submarine carries a maximum of 50 people and dives to a depth of 30 meters. Manned by professional crews, the fully air-conditioned vessel gives everyone the chance to experience the fascination underwater world of the Maldives.

Male Island

9. Male Island

A visit to the capital and main island of the Maldives, the fish market, fruit bazaars and firewood market. Male has several monuments and buildings such at the National Museum, the Friday Mosque, known for its golden dome and beautiful minarets.

Chill out time!

10. Chill out time!

The unspoiled beaches of the Maldives are unique with white soft sands and island breezes. Sunbathing, swimming and relaxing are a way of life in the Maldives, perfect for vacations and honeymoons.