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Bora Bora, the most beautiful island in the world

Bora Bora is the rolls-royce of all island destinations. The sheer beauty of the two volcanic mountains dominating the island and its gorgeous crystal-clear lagoon make it one of the most sought after beach destination in the world. No stay in French Polynesia would be complete without a stop in Bora Bora often described as being the most beautiful island in the world.

Climate Bora Bora

Tropical: warm all year

The climate of French Polynesia is fairly stable throughout the year.  It is considered tropical, but because of the vast amount of surrounding water, the temperature is moderate. It has an average temperature of about 27° C.  The temperature of the water can vary around that same mark and only by a few degrees depending on the season.

Two distinct seasons:

A winter season from end of October to the beginning of March, whereas cloudy skies and heavy showers are common. They are generally short and plenty of sunshine is still the norm. Tropical storms are rare but can occur from December to February.
A summer season which is dry and where temperature are around the mid 30s° C. It is then the best time to travel to French Polynesia.